Sustainable Development Commission

cover-0920Had a major tidy up yesterday – I have a desk but I only get to see it for a few days every 3 months or so. Under the bike parts, maps and biscuit wrappers I came across this edition of Engineering & Technology that I haven’t had a chance to look at; a pre-Copenhagen special.

Reading it with the hindsight of the weary – post Copenhagen – I took some comfort from their regular “If you Ask Me” feature. Tim Jackson, the economics commissioner for the Sustainable Development Commission, makes some common sense observations on the mutually exclusive aspects of ecology and economic growth.

The SDC will have presented this argument to the government, discussed it over dinner, the ministers nodding sagely at the obvious conclusions, but to what end? Who’s going to break ranks from the dogma of mainstream economic teaching?

Prevaricating long enough, at least as long as the next election, offers the possibility that when the music stops someone else will be holding the parcel. And with the promised agreement at Copenhagen put off for another year, who wants to open it now?

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