Fly Fishing by JR Hartley?

max-300x227No, but we do have Cycling by Max Burt, the man behind the infamous Yellow Pages advert and the equally successful British Telecom ‘It’s Good to Talk’ series.

Tomorrow morning Max begins a four week, 714 mile ride from Aberdeen to Trafalgar Square to challenge the public’s perception of disability. You can see the schedule and learn more about Max at the Everything Is Possible In Life website.

I’m planning to join him for part of the ride, and if you live on, or close to the route you might like to do the same. If you do, contact Gina to arrange a meeting point.

Unusually, this isn’t a fundraising ride, but rather an educational exercise to further the aims of the charity Diversability. Follow his progress between now and Friday 27th August via Max’s blog, along with his personal insights into disability.

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