Mayor Launches Bike Week & New Map

BikeWeekLaunchMedMaxWitney Mountain Bike Club, CTC Witney and the town’s Bicycle User Group gathered on Church Green this morning for the first day of Bike Week.

With a little help from Tiffany Hickman, Mayor and WitneyBUG member Harry Eaglestone officially opened Bike Week and celebrated the release of the new Green Travel Map.

26 riders including 6 year olds Tiffany and James O’Brian cycled to Aston Pottery for elevenses. According to Lewis Cox’s cycle computer the round trip measured 16.91 miles, lasted 2h09m and burnt 230 calories.

Bike Week lasts, err, all week, is free, is almost always accompanied by cake and can be attempted by anyone with a bike. It’s as easy as riding a bike.

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