Bike Week Quiz

BikeWeekQuizFor those that didn’t make it along last night to quaff the fairtrade wine and hear “The Big Idea”, here’s a simple cycling quiz.

Match the pictures to the following descriptions and win a free bus ticket for the next Sustainable Pub Crawl:

  1. Bicycle User – Member of WitneyBUG, requires little or no special equipment, dresses for the destination rather than the journey, generally seen riding across town in journey times of ten minutes or less, doesn’t require a shower on arrival.
  2. Tourer – Member of CTC Witney (cycle group not camping shop), enjoys half day and whole day rides, occasionally goes on trips that last several days, dresses for a long day in the saddle on a cycle that remains comfortable over several hours, always showers at the end of the day if amongst friends.
  3. Racer – Member of Oxonian CC, rarely seen smiling, thoroughly depilated, generally rides fixed distances of 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles, usually unable to converse between start and finish points.
  4. Mountain Biker – Member of Witney Mountain Bike Club, usually seen off-road when outside the town limits, bikes normally have front suspension, sometimes fully suspended, both cycle and rider require a shower after a ride.

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