Wheels for All on Tour

OxfordTasterDayAn inclusive cycling centre for Oxford came another step closer on Friday. The mobile Wheels for All team brought a selection of bikes to Cutteslowe Park for a day session and those trying them out, along with parents, carers and physios, made it clear that they want this to be a regular event.

Despite there being about 50 Wheels for All centres in England and Wales there are many areas that lack provision, Oxfordshire being one of them. Cycling Projects, the charity behind Wheels for All, are helping to demonstrate to community groups what inclusive cycling is about and what’s on offer with these ‘taster’ days.

The team brought a variety of trikes and handcycles, a tandem and a Van Raam wheelchair transporter, but even so, a few people couldn’t find something that completely suited them on the day. Not because that something doesn’t exist, just simply because not every variation of all ability cycle can fit in the van. On the bright side, it highlighted the fact that the day attracted a wide range of both abilities and ages.

OxfordTasterVolunteerThese sessions don’t run themselves and it’s just as important that volunteers and sponsors get a chance to see how it works and how worthwhile it is. The Oxfordshire Sports Partnership will need local support to get these centres up and running in 2012.

If you live in Oxfordshire but couldn’t make it into Oxford on Friday, there’s another taster day in Witney in two weeks time on Saturday 12th November.

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