The Big Ride…

TheBigRide…lived up to its billing on Saturday – the official estimate being 10,000+ people on bikes calling for the London mayoral candidates “to commit to continental-standard cycling infrastructure in the capital.” Or simply, “Love London – Go Dutch“.

It would’ve been more too, had it not rained all day. It didn’t once get to a point where I thought it was time to take my jacket off and display our Inclusive Cycling Forum T-Shirt. The Wheels for Wellbeing tabards are definitely the right all-weather solution!

David, Neil, Tony and Jim were representing WfW, and I also met fellow mobility rights campaigner Lianna from Transport for All: “accessible transport – no excuses”. I knew quite a few of the other 9,994 people there, but we kind of got separated!

It was very much a carnival atmosphere with all types of people, including children. Especially children. A key requirement of a cycle network which is fit for purpose is that parents feel they can let their kids use it. Another is that it’s accessible to all. This campaign, along with The Times campaign for safer cycling, are the first steps in making that a reality. It is very London-centric right now, but gaining the political support there is essential to improving conditions across the country.

For those outside the capital, you can still have an input. Email a picture of your bike to saying what you love about it, and/or tweet it with the hashtag #ilovemybike. They’ve not seen any trikes or handcycles yet folks…

The Big Ride - a London Cycling Campaign picture

The Big Ride – a London Cycling Campaign picture

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