Many A True Word…

An Aussie, a Geordie, a Farmer’s Boy from Chippy and a Copper from Yorkshire walk into a club on Corn Street to raise money for Maggies Cancer Caring Centres. It was a scream, but you had to be there. And if you haven’t been there, you really should. Comedy night at Fat Lil’s is a great local night out. Next one’s September 14th, tickets from Rapture in the Woolgate.

I’d never thought about it but I guess it’s no surprise that police work in Scunthorpe is a rich source of stand-up material. I can’t recall all the gags during the evening, but I won’t forget the last.

Alfie Moore delivered a seemingly endless list of experts involved in a murder case – far more than I’ve ever seen in an episode of CSI – and we’re all wondering where he’s going with it. Then the punchline… “but for a Road Traffic Accident, one bobby attends. If you want to murder someone, run the fucker over!”

Rewind to “Street Talks”. That one gag, a simple observation, sums up a whole presentation given by Amy Aeron-Thomas of Road Peace, the national charity of road crash victims.

It’s long – an hour in all, presented in a room above a busy London street – but it lifts the lid off the daily, casual acceptance of vehicular homicide…

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