Starts Here…

The blog starts here. Except it doesn’t. The posts start back in 2009 but this is the first post to appear nowhere else but on this blog. Previously they were only on the sites of other organisations, listed under x: categories just up there. This post is the peg marking when the blog went live.

I’m still loading the old posts up. It’s taking a while, what with tagging and things, I’m up to about 150 at the moment. It’s therapy. I hit overload a few weeks ago, had what I’ll call a burst of mental overactivity fill my mind, which left me feeling overstretched, out of touch and out of control. Felt like I had things spread all over (which I did) and didn’t know where anything was (which I didn’t).

Pulling all the posts back to one place feels good, like I’m piecing myself back together. I’m not really, but it feels that way. If I’ve learnt one thing about being human it’s that being rational seems important, but it’s how you feel that counts.

Enough weirdness. On with the therapy.

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