An Inclusive Cycle Network for All

That’s the title of a motion I presented to the AGM of the Cycling Campaign for Oxford on Thursday 21 Nov.

When I emailed it in to the secretary the requisite week before, the chair of Cyclox wrote back to say, “Sounds good. I can’t imagine any opposition.”

This motion commits Cyclox to campaign for an inclusive cycle network which is suitable for every type of cyclist. An inclusive cycle network is one which allows all people regardless of ability to access all of it, whether they are a fast commuter, a disabled person, a family group, an elderly person or a child.

A cycle network which requires, for example, a disabled person to take a longer more circuitous route, or impedes access to users of bikes which are not standard two wheelers, is inherently exclusive and will be lobbied against by Cyclox.

However, it generated a very healthy discussion about what a cycle network is, what it looks like, who it’s for, and how it can be achieved. That discussion had to be cut short when it got to 10pm, but it shouldn’t be left there. It’s important.

The motion was passed.

1 thought on “An Inclusive Cycle Network for All

  1. gloucestershireshighways

    Sounds like a good proposal. Many schemes are inappropriate for many would be users. In my experience trying to cater for leisurely cycling with standard bikes only. Usually anti anyone who wants to get somewhere quickly or equally someone who may need a tricycle, with many lanes being far too narrow.


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