Stop and Preach

I’ve downloaded this for my earphones…

Everybody’s talking at me.
I don’t hear a word they’re saying,
Only the smallness of their minds.
People stopping staring,
I can’t see their faces,
Only the cavern behind their eyes.

I’m going where the sun keeps shining
Thru’ the pouring rain,
Going where the cycling suits my clothes,
Turn my back on the South West wind,
Sailing on summer breeze
And skipping over the North Sea like a stone.


5 thoughts on “Stop and Preach

  1. nobby

    “And skipping over the North Sea like a stone.” To Netherlands?
    “I’m going where the sun keeps shining” In Holland?

  2. Kevin Hickman Post author

    A quick google says it was originally written and released by Fred Neil in 1966, so not written specifically for Midnight Cowboy in 1969. Sorry :o)

    And as for the sun shining, that’s your metaphorical sun that is.

  3. nobby

    ” course he wrote it for Midnight Cowboy just that when he wrote it he didn’t know that he was writing it for Midnight Cowboy.

    Similar with Van M’s TB Sheets that I am listening to. He wrote it for ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ – he just didn’t know he was.

    They are quite detached are these artistic types :0)


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