Disabled cyclists in England: imagery in policy and design

Kevin Hickman (2015) Disabled cyclists in England: imagery in policy and design. Proceedings of the ICE – Urban Design and Planning. Published here (access-controlled). Pdf for personal non-commercial use here.

Things have moved on a little since I submitted the above titled abstract to the ICE journal Urban Design and Planning for a themed edition on disabilities, vulnerable road users and navigation of the urban environment. However, as this Design Manual being consulted on at the moment demonstrates, it remains relevant.

My thanks to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, to British Cycling and to Sustrans for permission to use images from their documents; to Wheels for Wellbeing, Ann Wright, Caroline Waugh and Martin Symons for the pictures; and to Rachel Aldred for the initial advice and encouragement.

I hope the paper proves useful.

8 thoughts on “Disabled cyclists in England: imagery in policy and design

  1. childbacktandem

    We are getting together members of the public, councillors, officers and experts to work towards better cycling including for those with disabilities at our Horsham Cycling Summit on 9th July. Matthew Wing is bringing along a handcycle. Would it be possible to use some of the photos and some quotes from your paper for a display? I could credit them and give a link to this page. If you are happy, I would also like to have a single printout (for reference only) of the paper at the summit alongside other key documents. Ruth

    1. Kevin Hickman Post author

      Hi Ruth,
      No problem with printing off a copy for non-commercial use. No problem quoting parts of the paper. Using the photos separately from the paper is a problem if they’re not my own, but for the situation you describe I believe you can display a complete copy of the paper (including the first page). What you can’t do is print off copies and distribute them. Hope that helps.


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