Shrewsbury to Warrington: 10th July 61 miles

21 days in July – the 2005 Douglas Bader Foundation E2E ride re-blogged

The lunchstop today was delightful. We stopped at the Dusty Miller on the Canal at Wrenbury and watched the relaxing river traffic pass serenely by. Below you can see one of the two support vans, driven by the quietly efficient rocket scientist Andy (obviously taking a few minutes off from working on his tan here and reading a book!). One of the support crew, among other things Andy does a sterling job of moving the luggage onto the next overnight point where we arrive to find our baggage already in the rooms.

Canal 1

What a scorcher it was today! Our teastop this afternoon consisted of flaking out on a grass verge for 45 minutes trying to rehydrate. I hope it cools down by Tuesday. Having had breakfast in the Little Thief this morning I think we’re all pleased to be rolling into the Travel Inn in Warrington tonight. 

At last! No packing up in the morning – it’s the restday…

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