Inverness to Invershin: 21st July 50 miles

21 days in July – the 2005 Douglas Bader Foundation E2E ride re-blogged

We left Inverness maximum security YH pretty much on time and made a textbook exit through the town and over the windy Moray Firth. First stop was Muir of Ord where we had made the local paper (photoshoot at Oban), many pensioners came up to us offering donations – the Scots don’t live up to their reputation for thrift!

As we get closer to John O’Groats we meet more cyclists on the same pilgrimage. Today a couple lunched with us at a picnic stop and were thankful for a brew from the back of Nigel’s van.

The hospitality at the hotel in Invershin was outstanding. Food, beer, whiskey, pipes, drums, company – all were great. I went to bed failry early while I could still negotiate the stairs. Zzzzz…

During the last days of the ride I wasn’t posting many, if any, photos. Mostly down to the trouble of uploading them in areas with no little or no mobile phone signal, and perhaps I stopped taking them as a result.

I came across this one from this day – not sure who’s it is again so I can’t credit the owner – of me taking in the view over Dornoch Firth.


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