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Eynsham Emporium

EynshamEmporiumDepending on your Point of View, bike rides are either cake stops separated by bouts of digestive peddling, or riding broken up by the occasional cake stop. Whatever your PoV, cycling is a lot less fun without the bits in between.

Look into the mind of the regular bicycle user and a mental map unfolds based not on geography – hills being a notable exception – but on a topological network of Points of Interest linked by a mesh of routes. Post-its and scribbled annotations abound; “Closes at one on a Tuesday”, “Quick but busy”, “Bit of a slog but nice view”.

One can’t buy this map and it’s organically interactive in a way web developers have yet to crack. Even if Greytooth and Universal Fleshy Interfaces had already evolved, we’d still be struggling with the too-much-information filter during download – “Caught short here last week”. This map is available only in exclusive, serialised instalments from the publishers of Experience.

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