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Electric Assist

Gazelle-174x300Not something I’ve tried myself yet, but certainly an option I might find useful or necessary in the future. Victoria from Oxford has been in touch to warn us that the DfT are currently consulting on proposed changes to the Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle Regulations 1983 to harmonise the UK and European legislation.

Victoria writes “The current regulations do not distinguish between the two types of bikes, namely those where one pedals with battery assistance and the ‘twist and go’ variety where one doesn’t have to do any pedalling at all.  They both have an upper speed limit of 15 mph and like normal bicycles don’t need to have tax, insurance or a helmet.  There is the threat, however, that the ‘twist and go’ will be recategorised as mopeds.  This means shelling out more money, particularly by elderly or disabled users on tax, helmets etc.  (Interestingly motorcycles with 3 wheels which can go at over 70mph don’t have to wear helmets at all!)

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