1 thought on “Mike Burrows and his 8 Freight

  1. livinginabox

    More bikes won’t necessarily mean less congestion or less pollution. If we took 30% of traffic off the road, it wouldn’t be long before the excess, pent-up demand filled that now empty road-space. We need to take space away from cars and give it over to bicycles. But the current response is provision of substandard, painted, on-road cycle lanes that are just not good enough – research and personal experience tells us as much. We need hard-segregated infrastructure. The acid-test has to be, would you let one’s seven-year-old child or grand-child cycle on it alone and unsupervised, or even with a few friends? If it’s not safe enough for them then it’s just not good-enough. We have to make it much easier and more pleasant for people to cycle, i.e. those people who currently want to cycle, but don’t because they’re afraid-to. Plus, we need to make it more difficult to drive, by closing-off rat-runs through residential areas to through-traffic, but leaving it available for walking and cycling. We also need to convert a proportion of car-parking spaces (everywhere) to secure bike parking.


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